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Shea Butter Bar - Organic

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Sweet Harvest Farms Organic Unrefined Shea Butter Bars, Salve for very dry skin

Just short of a miraculous!

I introduced my Organic Shea Butter bar a few years ago. I created my recipe to help with very dry cuticles, dry patches, heel and elbows. Even men loved it for their heels and hard working hands. Women loved it to help with their stretch marks during and after pregnancy. It worked great! 

My Shea butter bar is preservative and chemical free. All Organic Shea Butter, Palm Oil & Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, (pinch of) pinch of Pure Beeswax and Vitamin E, provides the perfect remedy for your cuticles, elbows, heels, knees, or any area that needs that extra “oomph”…!

What makes this so different is my original patented recipe. Very little goes a long way so this 4.5 OZ container can last you a YEAR or more.

I can't tell you how excited I am to offer my Shea Butter Bar to the public! If you know of anyone that is undergoing radiation of any kind, whether for breast or any other type of cancer, this would be a wonderful gift! It helps significantly with the burns associated with the treatments!

Melts to the touch of your fingertips or just scraper with your fingernail. Apply to very damp skin and simply rub into area that needs help! Let air dry.

You only need a TINY dab to do the trick so each 4.5 oz. container will last for months and months!

Eucalyptus Thyme, Lavender, Rosemary, Unscented