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Relax & Renew Black Sea Salt Foot Soak

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Give your feet some extra love with our signature foot soak collection!

Our Relax & Renew Lemon Eucalyptus Blend is made especially to soothe tired feet and attack dead skin.

Made with a custom blend of organic essential oils, fresh herbs and dead sea salt, our foot soaks work naturally to help common ailments such as:

• Athlete’s Feet
• Foot Odor
• Sore feet
• Itchy Toes
• Foot Fungus
• Cracked Heels

Some of our key ingredients include:
• Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil
• Black Hawaiian Sea Salt
• Organic Lemon Essential Oil

For best results, place 1-2 large scoops/spoons of foot soak into warm foot tub or large basin. For added benefits, place a 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar into foot tub for tough skin.

Experience a much needed pedicure in the comfort of your own home!

Our blends go through a process of ingredient infusion prior to packaging. Our carrier and essential oils undergo efficacy testing to ensure potency levels are as promised. Our soaks are much more than simply Epsom salts and oils in a bag. We take time to study the effectiveness and results of our blends for ultimate satisfaction. We work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality products from our studio to the comfort of your home.