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Citrus Springs Energy Blast Foaming Brown Sugar Scrub

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Our body scrub collection is made with organic sugars and oils designed to gently exfoliate our skin while simultaneously locking in moisture.
Regular use of scrubs can improve the look and feel of troubled areas such as cellulite and dimpled skin. These scrubs are also effective at dead skin removal and helpful with dry, chaffed skin.

Our Citrus Springs Energy Blast Formula is made especially to help energize the body and even skin tone while reviving dry skin. Brown Sugar is a great source of glycolic acid which is the smallest AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid). This allows brown sugar to penetrate deep into the skin and promote new cell growth. It is also helpful in preventing acne, which makes it a great scrub for back acne, or “bacne” and genital area breakouts.

Some of our key ingredients include:
• Organic Brown Sugar
• Argan Oil of Morocco
• Organic Lime Essential Oil
• Organic Coconut Oil

Suggested Uses:

· Daily skin moisturizer and energy booster

· Dead skin removal and tone corrector

· Facial exfoliator/acne prevention

For best results, use in shower with exfoliation gloves three times per week for dead skin removal. Achieve additional benefits by using in conjunction with our Energy Blend body wash or shower gel to boost energy levels and promote focus & clarity.


Organic Brown Sugar, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Argan Oil of Morocco, Pure Vitamin E Oil, Organic Coconut Oil