About Vital Clay

Vital Clay strives to be an Eco-Friendly company, that looks for ways to make our products from natural earth elements. All of our ingredients are natural, organic, and chemical free. Vital Clay is looking to become the industry standard in products that are externally and internally safe for our customers. Every product that we make or will make in the future is specifically designed to be as gentle and effective as possible with minimal effects to allergies. We use state of the art clean room technology to ensure that our products are pure and packaged without contamination. Our signature product is formulated to not only whiten teeth but also improve overall oral health by repairing gums and removing harmful bacteria. The main ingredient in all of our products is Bentonite Clay, which is full of beneficial elements that aid in healing and detoxifying the body.

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What's In Vital Clay

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Easy To Follow Instructions

*Dampen toothbrush with water
*Dip brush into powder
*Tap brush softly to shake off excess powder. (Powder can be messy)
*Brush teeth normally for 1-2 minutes
*Rinse mouth thoroughly to remove residue.
*Rinse off tooth brush and brush again with just water to remove any excess residue if needed.


“Vital Clay is an excellent product and it has been amazing to see how fast it shows results. We have been using it since April of this year and my dentist can’t compliment me enough.”

Bradford B.

“Vital Clay’s product has whitened my teeth so well, that it’s now a part of my daily oral health regiment.”

Parker O.

“This stuff is amazing. It leaves my teeth feeling smooth and clean, as if I just came out of the dentist!”

Jennifer C.

" I did not realize how powerful this teeth whitening formula was until I used it just once. I noticed a significant difference and my mouth felt extremely clean.”

Matthew P.

This stuff is awesome. I’ve only been using it for about two weeks and already see a huge difference. Definitely the best bang for your buck on top of being all organic. 10/10 the only product I'll use from now on.

Kayla N.